Home Improvement: Installing Storm Windows

Home Improvement: Installing Storm Windows

Installing new storm window coverings is one of the many home repairs that you must undertake before winter and cold weather to come. It is a relatively easy job to complete that only requires the usage of basic tools which you might already have in your home. Take these few tips into consideration when you are trying to decide on which type of storm door you would like to install.

When choosing which type of storm doors to choose from, you need to think about a few factors. The most important factor is the amount of space you have available to cover the window; the more space that you have, the larger the opening you will have and the greater the number of windows you can cover.

If you have limited space in the room you are going to cover then you will have to choose between either two types of storm doors, the double hung and the single hung. The double hung will have a single door in the upper and lower section of the doorway while the single hung will be the same doors both in the upper and lower section. The installation process for these doors is basically the same but with a single flap in place of the top half of the top piece. In order to find the best fit and to get the best performance you should measure and cut the holes for both the pieces.

Next, measure the opening you have created to determine the number of windows you will need to cover. Measure the width and length of the opening. If you want to cover a large opening then you will need to purchase large sized doors which are wider than the opening you have measured and if you want to cover a small opening then you will need to purchase narrow sized doors. Now you can go home and gather the materials that will make your new door.

If you are trying to cut the wood for the doors yourself then make sure you take the measurement of the opening you are cutting across both sides and along the top and bottom of the window. If you leave an inch or two over you can end up with an opening that is too long for the door to cover. Use a circular saw to cut the piece of wood. This will give you a professional looking result.

Before installing the door you should also prepare the top piece of the door. If the door has already been nailed in place and the nails are in good condition you will be able to simply remove them by using a hammer. For more info on impact window installation visit your local Georgia window shops for inquiries.