Using Printed Apparel for Event Promotion

Using Printed Apparel for Event Promotion

In addition to attracting attendees, custom apparel can be used to advertise your event. Most events rely on sponsors to raise funds and awareness, and giving them a spot on branded apparel is a great way to do just that. Having your event’s logo or name printed on branded apparel can also attract sponsors. Setting up a booth at a public event is rarely free, but finding an inexpensive way to sponsor the event is an option that’s worth considering.

Screen printing, also called silk screen printing, uses a mesh-framed screen to transfer ink to fabric. The process begins with supplied artwork and requires different screens for each color. The artwork is exposed to a light-sensitive emulsion, which is washed away, leaving a stencil. Each color is then added to its own screen, which is then placed on a turntable machine. The screen is then used to push the ink through the mesh using a squeegee.

Event-specific shirts should be printed on demand, as they can be expensive if you have to carry too many. For this purpose, you can set up a booth at the event and use a service that provides a service called Express Names. This website allows you to create names, phrases, and logos of commonly used phrases. It also gives you the option to choose a design that’s unique to your business.

Choosing the right apparel for your event is essential for a successful event promotion. It should be made with attention to detail, and a high-quality screen print will ensure your apparel looks its best. Think Clothing, for example, is a top choice for custom clothing. The company will design your event-specific shirts according to your specifications, and they will print them on demand. That way, you won’t be left with an inventory of unsold shirts that you don’t use.

Using custom printing services to sell t-shirts at events can benefit your custom apparel business. From sporting events to city home days to conventions, you can easily sell t-shirts by using a heat press. There are smaller heat presses that you can use on-site at events and are lightweight and portable. The advantages of having a screen printed t-shirt at an event are many. Not only will your clients notice your logo on the shirts, but they will also remember the event.

When printing apparel for an event, it is important to remember that not all designs will translate well for live screen printing events. For this reason, if you have a team of designers, a screen-printed t-shirt is the best way to make your team stand out. Having your logo on an event shirt will show your sponsors and audience that your company is serious about promoting their brand. The design will stand out from the competition and help you build your team’s pride. For more details on apparel printing visit